Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PROVISIONAL Varsity and Junior Varsity Rosters

Below are the provisional Varsity and Junior Varsity rosters. Please understand, movement between rosters may occur during the season depending on performances, injuries etc. Based on evaluation, there were a number of players very closely matched in ability, and they could easily be interchanged within the two rosters. Remember, competition for places is beneficial and this should be used to elevate your own performance!!

VarsityJunior Varsity
Savannah Billedo
Carol Brown
Lauren Davidson *
Sonia Giebel
Lily Hansen *
Cece Johnson
Evelyn Kalafus-Mastenbrook
Rachel Keyser
Hannah Kotzen
Karissa Lear
Sinclaire Manning
Laura Munoz
Emily Proulx
Jackie Robinson
Tory Sheffield
Camille Shumann
Isabel Sitcov
Allie Steinberg
Laura West
Lashonne Wells
Zoe Brown
Alison Brown
Olivia Carlson
Lilly Cazier-Sargent
Annie Clurman
Jendy Edgerton
Tina Jarmick
Natalia Jarmick
Audrey Kelly
Hannah LeBlanc
Maddie Lee
Bria Locke
Olivia Marcenko
Erin O'Neill
Catherine Palmer
Krishni Seasholes
Zoe Storck
Linnea Whisman

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